A Marketplace for all Artists & Artisans

A purpose-driven handicraft marketplace built to create opportunities and a fair market access for all creators across the globe.

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Enabling the creative economy for all

SELLITIC is a handicraft marketplace with a mission to bridge the gap in diversity, equity and inclusion for creators across the globe. We are committed to removing barriers for artists and artisans seeking to sell their exceptional handmade products on a marketplace built for affordability and accessibility.

Zero Upfront Cost

No overhead charges or hidden fees

We choose Simplicity and Transparency

Simple Pricing Plan

We believe in enabling our creators by offering a frictionless experience

This Plan Includes:

No Listing Fee

No Shipping Label (Waybill) Fee - Global Shipping

No Payment Processing Fee

No Listing Currency Fee

Optional Marketing and Advertising Fee

Only 8.99% Transaction Fee

A marketplace without borders

A marketplace without borders

A marketplace that will leverage emerging technologies such as blockchain technology to target creators from emerging markets and other parts of the globe who may be unbanked.

Connecting the global market for artists and artisans

Connecting the global market for artists and artisans

Global shipping for handmade products sold on our marketplace, with no upfront shipping costs to our creators.

Free product listing for micro and small scale creators

Free product listing for micro and small scale creators

Yes! Nothing better than a freemium model to allow micro and small scale creators maximize their profits and scale.

Truly handmade

Truly handmade

We will offer our customers beautifully made handmade products from all over the world.

A shared economy

A shared economy

In our marketplace, our community (customers and creators) will be rewarded and share in our success, as they contribute towards marketplace engagements such as referrals and purchases.



We pride ourselves in leveraging innovation to drive our mission, as such, we will explore and adopt the benefits of Web3 technology to prepare and transition our creators and marketplace into the future.

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We are currently accepting creators from Nigeria and Canada. Sign up now to take advantage of our free product listing offering!



Cost savings

On the SELLITIC marketplace, we are purpose-driven which translates to ensuring that our creators are able to maximize their profits.

Loyalty Rewards

We will offer a loyalty program for our customers and creators which will not only be monetized, but can be used to unlock other features we will make available in the future.

Borderless Payments

Leveraging cryptocurrency as an option for payment, we can achieve a low transaction cost during payment processing or payouts to our creators. Most importantly, we can reach the marginalized and unbanked.

No Hidden Costs

Compared to other marketplaces, we will remain transparent with our pricing model. What you subscribe for is what you pay for.


To Drive Prosperity Within the Creative Economy



The Micro-Worker Program

The Micro-Worker Program

As part of AFOMA and SELLITIC’s commitment to drive inclusion and equality, we will support artists and artisans that are either illiterate or not technologically savvy.

We will create a support system through a micro-worker program that will leverage youth across developing regions to carry out micro tasks such as onboarding artists and artisans to SELLITIC and supporting them through the orientation process and their ongoing business operations on the platform.

We will incentivize these micro workers in the AFOMA native token as these tasks are completed and validated.


Step-by-Step Process To Register As A Seller

Step 2

If using a mobile device, expand the menu and click on "Sell on SELLITIC." If using a desktop/laptop, then click on "Sell on SELLITIC" (located top right). Fill out the forms on the page and don't forget to hit the "Register" button.

Step 3

Activate your SELLITIC account by clicking on the link included in the email sent to your Inbox. Please check your spam folder just in case you didn't receive an email.

Step 4

Access your "Vendor Dashboard" and complete your "Profile Settings" and "Shipping Setting." These are seen under Settings > Menu > Profile Settings and Settings > Shipping Settings > Shipping Setting respectively.

Step 5

That's it! Now upload your products based on our specifications and start selling!

If you are having any challenges with completing the above instructions, you can reach us through email at pilot@sellitic.com or subscribe to our blog https://blog.sellitic.com to have access to guides on how to navigate our marketplace.

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